Horrid Henry's Nits - Red

Horrid Henry has got nits - again! But as an impending visit from Nitty Nora the Nit Nurse looms, Henry's determined he won't be the only one...


Horrid Henry's Underpants- Red

When Henry receives an unexpected package, he is NOT impressed to find a hideous pair of frilly pin pants inside.  He's got to get rid of them - and quickly!


Don't Be Horrid Henry!-Red

It's a dreadful shock for Horrid Henry when Perfect Peter is born, and despite his best - or worst - efforts, he can't manage to get rid of him. As Peter gets bigger, Henry gets crosser adn crosser, but the day comes when Henry inadvertently finds himself saving Peter and discovers that its rather nice to be a hero.


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Horrid Henry - Early Reader